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dvk-conf is a WP tool/plugin to get data from WP installation (Core+theme+Plugin version numbers)

dvk-compatibility (to be create with TGM) is an admin & extra plugin which will centralize data from other WP installation through an ajax call. this plugin is not public and will only be use by our company.

How it works :

  • user install dvk-conf on their website
  • dvk-conf initialize the unique ids for plugins, themes, core and the overall to be sent to dvk-compatibility
  • once the first setup is done, dvk-conf will make an ajax call asking if the main unique id exist in the dvk-compatibility DB
  • if yes:
    • the dvk-compatibility DB will return the status of everything (theme,plugins,core)
    • dvk-conf will update the display
  • if no:
    • dvk-conf call an ajax to connect to dvk-compatibility and send the information
    • once dvk-compatibility receive the data, it will store it, using the main unique id as a unique id in the DB and storing all relative info in appropriate tables fro the other platforms to be checked

the task is to create dvk-compatibility plugin and make the connection between dvk-conf and dvk-compatibility.

budget is the hourly rate we are offering.

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